martes, 22 de septiembre de 2009

simple past

This verb form of English is a bit more complicated, because it requires assimilate other aspects that are more abstract, like the irregular verbs.

examples of irregular verbs:

1) be/ was, were/ been: ser o estar
2) beat/ beat/ beaten: golpear
3) become/ became/ become: llegar a ser
4) begin/ began/ begun: empezar
5) break/ broke/ broken: romper, quebrar
6) buy/ bought/ bought: comprar
7) cost/ cost/ cost: costar
8) cut/ cut/ cut: cortar
9) do/ did7 done: hacer
10) draw/ drew/ drawn: dibujar
11) drink/ drank/ drunk: beber
12) drive/ drove/ driven: conducir


Regular verbs, to pass to the past, have to end in-ed. This as a rule, because there are eception we´ll see soon.

to listen (escuchar) -> listened

We just have to add the d if the verb already ends in e.

to change (cambiar) -> changed

If the last vowel of the verb is formed by consonant-vowel-consonant and consonant is the latter where the emphasis lies, we have to double that consonant. Also if the verb ends in l have to bend it.

to stop (parar) -> stopped
to travel (viajar) -> travelled


To form the past simple questions we have to enforce the auxiliary to do in his past form, it did for all people of conjugation. The auxiliary verbs that do not need, like to have, be used nen past (irregular).

Did you go to the party? -> ¿Fuistes a la fiesta?

As shown in the example, the verb is present. This is because the auxiliary is the one indicated by the past, so the main verb is put into this. This must be borne in mind.

To deny we use the auxiliary to do in his past form., Accompanied with the main verb in the present. The auxiliary verb with the particle shrinks not.

I didn´t go to the party -> No fui a la fiesta.

then fed'll see a table using the three methods that exist in the simple past.


A deep fear overwhelms my soul today,
chilling fear, incalculable
incomprehensible, inexplicable,
in awe, penetrating.

Feel afraid, afraid to dream,
afraid to love, afraid to lose,
fear of boredom, fear of change,
fear learning, fear of growing up.

Fear that I can not mourn
even when my soul is about to explode.
It is a fear so intense
I did not even stop loving.

As I come back to be the one that went,
walk through life carefree,
Back to my roots, to feel again
to hope again, and even to live.

But this fear is endless, I apprehend,
I condemn the prison without bars,
ambiguous in that pain, intolerable
that gripped me at that moment.

martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009


"Boy's father entered the second floor and discovered the bodies".

2009 concert

DEPECHE MODE: The British band will return to our country to play at Santiago on 15 October in the Riding Club at 21:00. The tickets are being sold through Ticketmaster. Prices from $ 22,400 to $ 80,000.

LOS FABULOSOS CADILLAC: The Argentine group will be playing in Coquimbo Regional Stadium on October 10 at 21:00. Tickets available at Ticketmaster. From $ 10,000 to $ 30,000. Also played in the Equestrian Club of Santiago with Los Tres y Chico Trujillo on October 11 from 19:00 pm. Tickets available for this last show at Ticketmaster. Grandstand $ 45,000, Cancha Cancha VIP $ 30,000 and General $ 14,000.

SOL Y LLUVIA: The grand concert will be on Saturday 12 September at the National Stadium Velodrome of telling at 20:00 hours. The ticket will cost $ 5,000. In addition, children up to 8 years will have free admission. The group currently consists of Amaro Labra (vocals, guitar), Jonny Labra (electric bass), Harley Labra (percussion), Patrick Quilodrán (flute, panpipes, charango, vocals), Marcelo Concha (flute, panpipes, charango and vocals) and Joseph Baker (flute and dulcimer), will make a complete overhaul with their most memorable songs.
Ticket sales are done in the Craft Fair of Santa Lucia (local 125) and Place Without Limits (Avenida Providencia 1376, Manuel Montt metro). And for an extra charge and Shops Feria del Disco Paris.

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Psychology -> feelings -> hate

Hatred is a negative feeling of deep antipathy, dislike, aversion, hostility or aversion toward a person, thing, situation or phenomenon, and the desire to avoid, limit or destroy what they hate.

Hatred can be based on fear of their goal, whether justified or not, beyond the negative consequences of dealing with it. Hatred is often described as the opposite of love or friendship, others as Elie Wiesel, consider the indifference as the opposite of love. Hatred aversion can generate feelings of destruction, destruction of harmonic balance and occasionally self-destruct, but most people can possibly hate something or someone and not necessarily experience these effects.

events occurred in the history of chile (history)

No doubt one of the historical events of the twentieth century in Chile, is the coup Militar3 11 September 1973. "On September 11 of 1973 is the historical fact widely regarded as the most significant in the second half of the twentieth century, and possibly throughout the century. For nearly thirty years of that day, this date is still relevant in national politics , the media and public opinion '.4 Besides its symbolic importance and identity is reinforced because for people that day acts as a cut between before and after. In sum, "an event of significance autobiographical, with its own characteristics what has been called a flash memory. 5detenidos missing, the death of Salvador Allende things that are still unfinished ...

La casa de los espíritus de Isabel Allende

Charting the rise and fall of the Trueba family in an un-named Latin American country (reminiscent of Chile), the piece spans the 1920s through the 1970s, as the country moves through enormous sociopolitical changes that culminate in a devastating dictatorship.

Rosa, Belle

Clara is a hypersensitive girl from a very early age he was noted for his supernatural powers as getting things moving by itself as having its own life, reading the fate and predict the future.

With the help of these powers it presaged a death in his family, a death that would be in error.

And he did. Rosa, her sister, a woman from an inhuman beauty, as beautiful as an angel, died. Rosa was engaged to Esteban Trueba, a struggling working man raising money to marry her in a vein in the north.

After the death of Rosa the beautiful, Clara did not speak again until nine years later when he announced he would marry the boyfriend of Rose.

summary of the first episode, but roughly a summary.