martes, 22 de septiembre de 2009


A deep fear overwhelms my soul today,
chilling fear, incalculable
incomprehensible, inexplicable,
in awe, penetrating.

Feel afraid, afraid to dream,
afraid to love, afraid to lose,
fear of boredom, fear of change,
fear learning, fear of growing up.

Fear that I can not mourn
even when my soul is about to explode.
It is a fear so intense
I did not even stop loving.

As I come back to be the one that went,
walk through life carefree,
Back to my roots, to feel again
to hope again, and even to live.

But this fear is endless, I apprehend,
I condemn the prison without bars,
ambiguous in that pain, intolerable
that gripped me at that moment.

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